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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If anyone finds this blog, let me explain. I started this years ago in an effort to help me heal. I was just writing it for myself when I shared it with my family and they suggested I share publicly. I am not tech savvy at all and believe me the cheesy layout here took me forever to figure out but I eventually said fuck it with trying to make it pretty. That's not what I'm here for. In any case, I also said fuck it to editing too becuase the stuff pours out of me so quickly I can barely keep up some days. When I would go back and read my posts in the early days, I always ended up deleting them. Always had this fear of letting people in my head through my writing. I can talk your ear off though and lay it all on the table but writing,  there's still that voice in my head from the day someone found my notebook and told me my stories were stupid. The shit we drag through life still boggles me but here I am sharing, and despite the fear I keep walking towards it.  So what yah see is what yah get. The grammar natz's will have a great time in here, enjoy yourself!  I opened it today again for a friend to read and may just say fuck it once again and just leave it floating around in cyber space. Who knows, but for now here it is. Raw and unedited. 

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